Price Guide to your Home Care Package
Anyone in need of Aged Care support can access our services. To assist in ensuring you receive 
 the best value for money, Comm Care does not charge a Daily Fee - simply an affordable package
 and Care Fee.    We also ensure you are given a choice of external contractors e.g gardeners.
 Amounts below are rounded as at 1st July 2022.

   Care                 Annual Govt.        Weekly Govt.     Weekly Package        Weekly Care               Avail. for         

  Package           Subsidy                    Subsidy              Mngt Fee  13%           Mngt Fee 15%          Weekly Care   


  Level 1           $ 9,179.75               $ 176.53                 $ 22.95                   $ 26.48                     $127.10                 

  Level 2           $ 16,147.60             $ 310.53                $ 40.37                   $46.58                       $223.58              

  Level 3           $ 35,138.55             $ 675.74                $ 87.85                    $101.36                     $486.53             

  Level 4           $ 53,268.10             $ 1,024.39             $ 133.17                 $153.66                     $737.56               


You may be required to make a contribution to the cost of your care by paying an Australian Government Income Tested Fee.

What's included in our Home Care Packages
In order that we may personalise and assist in your particular needs, initially we can establish your Home Care Package, and in turn take the time to Develop a Care Plan to your particular requirements and care package level.
Our service also includes a regular In home assessments and review allowing for Care Plan updates as required.  Our ongoing Budget Monitoring, will ensure you are constantly informed and aware how your funds are distributed. 
Through Regular Communication we can further ensure integrated care by liaising with your GP, hospital and allied health professionals and referrals, along with ordering of equipment, goods and services as required, to ensure the support giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
Home Care Schedule of Fees ( As of 1st Of July 2022)
Hourly Fee Rates
Weekdays       8.30 am - 6:00 pm      $60.00
Weeknights    6:00 pm - 8.30 am       $69.00
Saturdays                                               $87.00
Sundays                                                  $87.00
Public Holidays                                     $125.00
Use of the worker's vehicle transport
Charged for transport services,
shopping, etc                                         $1.35 per km
Additional Care Management Services
Weekdays 9am - 4pm                    $99 per hour
Support management services.      Min. 1 hour blocks
Service Cancellation Fee
24 hours or more notice                     No Charge
24 Hours or less notice                       Full cost of service*
24 Hour Live In Services (Daily Rate)
Personal Care Weekday                      $632.00
Personal Care Weekend                      $787.00
(Carer must be able to sleep on premises for minimum of 8 hours.)
Overnight Personal Care (Active + Inactive)
Weeknights                                   8pm - 7am                     $371.00
Weekends                                     8pm - 7am                      $527.00                            
Public Holidays Weekends        8pm - 7am                      $787.00
Stay Over rates are for a maximum of 10 hours. Carer must be able to sleep on premises for 4 hours.

A 15% surcharge will apply to all services, equipment, consumables and maintenance provided by an external


CommCare reserves the right to charge an exit fee of $300.00 on clients that have unspent funds to cover

administration costs associated with leaving.