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Our NDIS Clients

We get really excited when feedback is received in regards to any of our NDIS clients that are just thriving since commencing our program of life skills.   Our incredibly dedicated care workers have a great deal of fun sharing their own life skills with our NDIS clients.

I can't help but share with you in particular one young lady's experience who suffers from a significant mental illness.   When she first came on board with us, she was introverted in nature, possessed little to no social skills, nor any cooking skills and lacked the most basic of living skills.

Within a few months of working with our wonderful carer, her self care, social community participation, living skills and cooking skills have blown me out of the water.

I am waiting for my invitation to dinner, but there never seems to be any left overs, as she now invites her parents and friends around for dinner, and it seems her cooking is so good, there is never anything left.

Our carers have done such a wonderful job with this young lady, they have made a significant difference to her life.   She has gained an independence that will carry her forward to a very bright future.

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